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I thought this testimonial was so wonderful. I feel so honored to have so many fitness aerobics students who have accomplished wonderful things (lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, better moods, more energized, more focused, and an overall happy- healthier person) because of my class. I give all thanks to God and the hard effort and work that my students put into daily action.

I want to thank Mrs. Washington a million. Thanks for sharing your story with me and so many others. We can all learn a valuable lesson.  That is, if you ask God to order your footsteps and have faith, he will do it. Every time. May you have many more years of fitness success and joyful marital bliss. 

” Only God …

I started my unhealthy eating addiction after a failed marriage of nearly 25 years and witnessing my two sons derail in their early years of life. At this point, my faith was at it’s lowest and junk food along with LIFETIME and my beautiful grand kids gave me the greatest comfort. Later I found myself gaining weight at a fast pace and continued until my doctor warned me of my cholesterol. This really got my attention and I knew it was time for me to renew my mind and rededicate my life to Christ. Slowly, the things that brought me joy manifested back into my spirit and I remember asking God to order my footsteps. Little did I know, Mrs. Chera Howard, the best aerobics instructor in the State of Alabama, along with a group of godly sisters, was waiting to greet me. This is where my weight loss and LOVE journey started as God allowed me to regurgitate the negative thoughts of my past during my intense aerobics workout. Within 4 months, I lost a total of 15 pounds and gained a man of God’s choice to be a part of my life after being single for 8 long years. God is good and stay tuned in for updates and may the Lord richly bless the readers of this article. 

-Vickie Ann Turner Washington

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