Step Into Shape Aerobics student, Monica Lucas

Monica Lucas February Testimonial

QUEEN ALERT! Hey friend, Just wanted to share Step into Shape testimonial from a student, Monica Lucas. She shares her story of how attending Step Into Shape Aerobics class has helped her lose weight and feel fabulous. We love sharing everyone’s successes here. We are always eager to hear success stories from students. We hope you […]

Challenge You!

chera howard step into shape aerobics

  Get in a good place and Stay There! When you intentionally buy pants too small and challenge yourself to get in them! The only person I want to be better than is the person I was Yesterday! I face my own insecurities, pressures, and feelings of inadequacy. Why? Because I’m You, and You are […]

Inspiring Aerobics Fitness Testimonial

Ms. Elanda MOVING to Steps! Greater rising family and friends, This has been an awesome start of the week at Step Into Shape Aerobics. We have again a testimonial from one of our new members…This member started on the floor, NO STEP. A lot of people may feel intimidated because they often say, “I️ won’t […]

Who’s Going to Stop Me?? NOBODY!!! Testimonial

Step Into Shape Testimonial Debrika

Thank You!!! Thanks to you Queen! I encourage you, Debrika, to keep up the good work. Losing 15 lbs in less than 4 months is a great accomplishment. Your hard work and dedication has and will continue to pay off.   Remember every day is one step closer to where you wish to be on your […]

Lost 30 lbs in Less Than 9 Months Testimonial

testimonials Kamekia Miles

  Step Into Shape Aerobics Member Deserving Smile It is amazing. Camekia is a dedicated student who I always knew would stick to her workouts to recieve maximum results. She’s lost a total of 30lbs in less than 9 months. We are all a work in progress but sticking to frequent cardiovascular and toning exercises […]

How to Transform Testimonial

Here’s another amazing testimonial from a Step Into Shape Aerobics class member. The ladies and gentlemen of this class are truly awesome. The fun, inspiration, and gratitude never ends. These amazing testimonials are being shared to show why Step Into Shape Aerobics is the best place to start or maintain your fitness journey. Check out […]

Feeling Overjoyed

Step Into Shape Testimonial LaCarsha Witherspoon

Today, I feel overjoyed as I receive yet another wonderful message from a student. In this message, this student expressed how I greatly inspire her on her healing and fitness journey. All of the testimonials that I have been hearing encourages me to push even harder. I simply can not put into words how happy […]

Another Great Testimonial From Step Into Shape Aerobics Member

2 weeks results -Step Into Shape Aerobics Monica lucas

Types of Results: Two Weeks!!! 80% NUTRITION  20 % workout Monica Lucas Testimonial “I’m still very much so……a work in progress, but this morning I️ was able to get into a size 12 jeans. I’ve been in this class roughly two weeks and I’m seeing results. Thanks so much Chera Howard for your guidance, patience, and understanding. […]

Wonderful Testimonial from Step Into Shape Aerobics Fitness Team Member (ONLY GOD)

Vickie Ann Turner Washington Testimonials

Good day Step Into Shape Aerobics Family! I thought this testimonial was so wonderful. I feel so honored to have so many fitness aerobics students who have accomplished wonderful things (lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, better moods, more energized, more focused, and an overall happy- healthier person) because of my class. I give all thanks […]

Never Ending Success Stories and Inspiring Testimonials

  Keep them coming! It’s all in YOU! Share this amazing story Jennifer Edwards “My journey began in October, I knew that I had to get back active but where do I start. Well I joined the gym, but had not gone one day yet. Then I found a flyer on my car about “Step into […]