Standing or Sitting Too Much? Here’s What You Should Do…

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Standing too much is just as bad as sitting. Here’s what you should do. Stop being sedentary. Being this way makes you that much closer to being plagued by diseases such Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, and more! We all know what working a desk job, doing lots of driving for your job can do to our […]

Queens Reign

Ladies at Step Into Shape Aerobics getting their workout on. This is how queens reign. Keep that heel up!!

2018: A New Year A New You

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A New Year. A New You. That’s what we’re all pulling for. Why not start the year off with being good to YOU and YOUR body by exercising more and getting into shape? Step Into Shape Aerobics offers a health forward, friendly, and motivating environment where both men and women can become a part of […]

Step Into Shape Aerobics Year in Review

Keep Stepping Forward 2017 has been an amazing year at Step Into Shape Aerobics. Thanks to all of our DEDICATED, STRONG, HUMOROUS,  AND HARDWORKING KINGS AND QUEENS.  THANKS FOR AN AMAZING YEAR!!!   Videos Replay 5 A.M. Morning Workout With Chera Students ages 20-50 plus workout Beyonce Makes Em Step I AM A BEAST Saturday […]

Step Into Shape Aerobics Accepting New Members

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  Join Us Become a part of a thriving and thirsty for health and fitness group of men and women, taking control of their health and not letting their health take control of them. Take advantage of a group class or become a one-on-one member. It doesn’t matter.  The main focus at Step Into Shape Aerobics […]

Challenge You!

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  Get in a good place and Stay There! When you intentionally buy pants too small and challenge yourself to get in them! The only person I want to be better than is the person I was Yesterday! I face my own insecurities, pressures, and feelings of inadequacy. Why? Because I’m You, and You are […]

Who’s Going to Stop Me?? NOBODY!!! Testimonial

Step Into Shape Testimonial Debrika

Thank You!!! Thanks to you Queen! I encourage you, Debrika, to keep up the good work. Losing 15 lbs in less than 4 months is a great accomplishment. Your hard work and dedication has and will continue to pay off.   Remember every day is one step closer to where you wish to be on your […]

Thursday 5 AM Workout

Consistency is the key! Inspiring Workout Video When your 5am Class is!This is How you Stay Motivated, Build a Team which you are Accountable to!!! Individuals want you to be where you are, but ask yourself, “Are you putting in the work!!!!” – CH 

How to Transform Testimonial

Here’s another amazing testimonial from a Step Into Shape Aerobics class member. The ladies and gentlemen of this class are truly awesome. The fun, inspiration, and gratitude never ends. These amazing testimonials are being shared to show why Step Into Shape Aerobics is the best place to start or maintain your fitness journey. Check out […]