2018: A New Year A New You

step into shape aerobics 2018 post

A New Year. A New You. That’s what we’re all pulling for. Why not start the year off with being good to YOU and YOUR body by exercising more and getting into shape? Step Into Shape Aerobics offers a health forward, friendly, and motivating environment where both men and women can become a part of […]

Video: I’m A Beast

  DAILY VIDEO Step Into Shape Aerobics Member Training Student Latoya, works out with Chera. Great abs are our best friends.

Thursday 5 AM Workout

Consistency is the key! Inspiring Workout Video When your 5am Class is!This is How you Stay Motivated, Build a Team which you are Accountable to!!! Individuals want you to be where you are, but ask yourself, “Are you putting in the work!!!!” – CH 

Wonderful Testimonial from Step Into Shape Aerobics Fitness Team Member (ONLY GOD)

Vickie Ann Turner Washington Testimonials

Good day Step Into Shape Aerobics Family! I thought this testimonial was so wonderful. I feel so honored to have so many fitness aerobics students who have accomplished wonderful things (lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, better moods, more energized, more focused, and an overall happy- healthier person) because of my class. I give all thanks […]

Last Week Was Amazing!

Chera Howard & The Step Into Shape Aerobics Team Working it out! Saturday Hill Climbing The Step Into Shape Aerobics Students stepped it up once again Saturday with some strengthening hill climbing techniques. Here’s a quick preview just in case you missed it. The class of ’94 being fun and hilarious as ever, WHILE, getting […]

Saturday Morning Workout

Never let the weights of the weekend hold you down. Join us for a energizing workout that will help make weekends a lot more fun. Feel energized, pumped, and focused after your workout at Step Into Shape Aerobics Fitness.  Classes begin at 5 a.m sharp Saturday mornings. We look forward to you joining us. I’m […]